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Replication    |   Drew Berry

Still one of the more complex and beautiful molecular animations ever made, this movie shows the components and dynamic processes involved in the replication of both the leading and lagging strands of DNA.

>> View the animation at WEHI

nicolewesley wrote:

This visualization of DNA and its replication process was very helpful to me in understanding how new DNA strands are made. The clip opens up with the description of how chromatin is formed from histones binding to DNA strands to then be compacted and coiled to form chromatin. The zooming out effect after chromatin is made shows just how long these strands are. DNA replication is then shown with the macromolecule replisome. I found it very fascinating just how fast DNA helicase unwinds the two parental strands of DNA. The other various enzymes are displayed, each performing their own task for replication, giving me a better grasp on how these enzymes all work together simultaneously. The animation was clear and accurate I felt, as the DNA strands had evident base pairs on them, and the enzymes were of correct shape.
2014-11-12 17:50:11

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