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Signal Recognition Particle    |   Eric Keller, Steve Davy / Stylus Visuals

This Maya animation depicts the process by which the translating ribosome is halted by the signal recognition particle (SRP). The ribosome is subsequently brought to the membrane and docked with a channel to translocate the nascent polypeptide chain.

>> View the animation at Bloopatone

Eric Keller wrote:

This animation was commissioned by the Doudna Research group several years ago. All elements of the animation were under the strict supervisions of researchers working on SRP. It is unfortunate that I did not include proper credit in the posting of this animation. i would refer you to the website for the research group so that you can direct you comments to the researchers. also Geordie Martinez should receive credit for being the lead animator and supervisor on this project.


Eric Keller
2011-04-25 18:46:55

Suzie B wrote:

Is it my imagination, or is this a prokaryotic cell?
2011-04-25 10:59:29

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